Friday 13th, pest control and environmental health

13 May

Well, I will start with a little information about what I do at work – so this is the serious bit! It’s all about balancing ‘best practice’ with statutary requirements and what the EHO actually thinks!

Generally it is good practice to have pest control at your premises, however, it is frowned upon by the Environmental Health Officers if pest control is not in place.

How much damage to your business and reputation would you have should a pest problem occur or a rat be seen by the general public? You risk being fined by the EHO and prosecution by the general public; up to £20,000 per offence and it does happen on a weekly basis.

So, a pest control package where we place a rodent and insect monitoring programme in place and carry out 8 visits per annum, spread out approximately 6/7 weeks apart is better than ‘best pratice’. Why? For your peace of mind.

The benefits of a pest control package are that you are covered by due diligence. As long as you have acted on the advice given by your local technician regarding housekeeping, proofing and stacking, you have proved you are taking a course of action. The chances of any prosecution is absolutely minimal, minimal risk of any pest being seen by the general public and shows consideration and care for your business. Is it worth taking a risk? Probably not.

We offer a free site survey  where a field surveyor can carry out a detailed inspection of your premises, highlighting any pest activity, proofing and housekeeping issues that might affect levels of pest control.

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