Kitchens at risk by new Argentine invaders!!

10 Jun

AbateDon’t panic Mr Mainwaring!  We are not just about to have a re-run of the Falklands War.  Our kitchens and patios are under attack as we speak by an aggressive little army of no less than Argentine ants.  What on earth is an Argentine ant and is it so different to our common or garden ant that always seem to march around the back door.

These little critters just love the warm weather that we are having and are very happy living indoors, particularly in your kitchen cupboards or under your cooker and they just love our common garden ant…so much so that they will attempt to wipe out our indigenous ants; grrrr.  I’m sorry to say as well that the usual sprays and powders may just make the situation worse if you find these marching through your kitchen and they will need to be treated by pest management – some insecticides may even make the colony even bigger as in the mediterranean coast, where one stretches for almost 4000 miles…yes, I did say, 4000 miles; incredible. 

So as a bit of a warning, if you do have these in your home or garden, please do not use the proprietary sprays and powders as the situation will just be made worse and you could see the trail extending way beyond your garden gate!

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