They buzz don’t they? Are they wasps or bees?

16 Jul

There are alot of bees and wasps around now so I thought I would write about bees and the way they differ from wasps.  I would firstly like to say thank you to the NPTA quarterly journal of the The National Pest Technician’s Association for the links within this blog.

The first thing I will say, is how important bees are to our planet – without bees, there is no crop pollination, and I do not need to add what could happen without crops.  We really should do everything that we can to avoid killing any.

There are many types of bees in the UK and this is a fantastic link with an enormous amount of information about solitary bees.  Bumble bees are a different matter again and here is another link with some fascinating information.  Most bees are not aggressive unless they are severely provoked.

And then we come to the feral honey bees – swarms can simply be removed by contacting a pest controller who should not be carrying out any treatments on these, but simply moving them to a bee-keeper.  In fact, the act of carrying out any treatment could land you in court with not only a hefty fine, but also a custodial sentence.

So my final plea is…when you see a bee, don’t just kill it as it is such a precious insect. Instead grow to love and value it for the hugely important role it has in sustaining our wonderful planet.

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