Badgers and badger culling – for or against?

25 Jul

There has been a lot of publicity and noise around badger culling recently, to reduce bovine TB.  The European Badger is a  protected species under UK and European law, but ministers can sanction their killing under certain circumstances.

Both proponents and opponents, of which Brian May of Queen is very vocal, are vociferous in their opinions, and some people say it has much to do with sentimentality.  The real question however, is does it stop bovine TB?  It has been said that without badger culling, Bovine TB will cost the country £1billion in the next 10 years which is frightening.

The argument for and against from eminent scientists, MP’s and farmers will run and run, but it does appear that badger culling will go ahead in pilot areas, but not until at least next spring, when marksmen will be employed to cull 35000 badgers a year, unless it runs up against major obstacles.

My concern, along with other animal welfare experts such as the RSPCA, is that many badgers will be seriously injured and consequently suffer terribly.  I will be watching with interest…

One Response to “Badgers and badger culling – for or against?”

  1. Jez July 25, 2011 at 1:30 pm #

    It has been on Countryfile a few times and I have watched it with interest. But I have yet to see any facts or evidence that TB is transmitted to cattle. All I have seen is talk from Farmers. I know it is fustrating for farmers to find it on there farm with the restricions they face if it is found. I feel that this fight will continue for some time.

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