There’s a rat in the kitchen…

20 Jul

We don’t like …

We don’t like to go on about the weather too much (who are we kidding – we’re British, it’s what we do best!) but sadly the recent downpours have done more than just ruin our dreams of barbecues and days at the beach. Thanks to the wettest June on record and a pretty soggy July as well there have been nationwide problems with our sewers unable to cope with the volume of water and becoming flooded. This has forced the sizeable rat population out in to the open and on the hunt for a new home on higher ground. Rats will generally stay in a home once they’ve found one so a priority needs to be to stop them re-establishing themselves in yours!

The obvious steps you can take to deter them are to be sure not to leave food and rubbish lying around, don’t over feed wild birds and make access difficult for them. Rats often enter properties through pipes and holes so check your drain covers are intact and there are no holes around your gas, electricity or water pipes. A survey carried out by LV insurance company last year determined that rodent damage had cost over £500 million in UK homes and businesses last year alone – much of which can be accounted for by damage done to electrical cables in the home.

It’s not just damage to the property we need to be concerned about with rats, they pose a great risk to public health spreading diseases like Toxoplasmosis and Leptospirosis through their faeces, urine, and hair. Definitely something you want to avoid! Tell tale signs of an infestation are evidence of gnawing, droppings, and the tracks and burrows the rats create.  So have a quick check round your house and garden to make sure you aren’t making your home seem an inviting place for them to make theirs!

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