Where do wasps go?

25 Jul




Although it seems the rain has been relentless, the July heat is fighting back with surprisingly high temperatures in the last few weeks. And so, despite the treacherous rainfall, the humble wasp continues to work. Unfortunately the position of their nests can often cause problems. Untouched and undisturbed, wasps remain harmless. But when the position of their nest collides with our daily routine, whether it be in the attic or the shed, stables or barns, the outcome can be, let’s say, confrontational.


So it would help if we could recognise what a wasp’s nest looks like and, perhaps more importantly, what to do when one crosses our path. Firstly, this ‘eternal feud’ is not helped by the fact that wasps like to live near us, in our roofs, in our walls… So the danger of being stung can be just around the corner…expect the unexpected!


In hot weather, when the nest is fully established, the nest will be easy to recognise as there will be a constant stream of wasps in and out of the entrance. Often with common wasps an structural nest is not visible; a hole in the wall will do…

If they are becoming a nuisance, just give us a call and we will be able to give you some advice and come out sort out any issues.

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