31 Jul

Woodworm – we’ve all heard of it, no-one wants wants it, so… today’s lesson is how to spot, avoid and treat this pest! Firstly the bad news – you won’t spot them until the damage is done. The tell tale holes you’ll see are the exit holes of the grubs who will have been living, and burrowing, in the wood for between the last one to five years!

 There are four types of British Woodworm but the most common is the larvae of the Furniture Beetle.


The beetles themselves are tiny and, as their name suggests, are most often bought in to the home on old furniture. They are especially attracted to softwoods, and plywood so if you buy a second hand piece it’s worth paying particular attention to it’s back and insides.

Once in the the home the beetles will look for exposed timber such as floorboards, staircases and attic joists and it’s once this sort of infestation takes place that the damage can really be done. The beetles prefer a damp environment so it’s vital to keep all joists and other timber dry. 

So keep an eye out when bring new furniture in, treat timber and keep it dry, look out for existing infestations and if it doubt give us a call!

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