Rats and floods – a perfect match!

26 Sep

Relentless rain is back again. Our concreted country just can’t cope! It seems that Julys freak flooding has returned, bringing numerous problems with it. One of which being the overflowing drains which have pushed rats to ground level. Lots of rLittle brown ratats looking for somewhere dry and houses surrounding flood areas, although it’s hard to believe any are still intact, provide a perfect refuge.

Once a rat finds a refuge, it’s likely to stick around (for as long as it can get away with doing so) so it’s important to resolve the problem as soon as rat activity is detected by calling a reputable pest control company.

Gnawing is part of the routine for the rat and in the home, plumbing, electric cable and insulation materials are therefore all susceptible to damage; these could be the first signs of rats in your home.

The flooding is relentless and so far hundreds of homes have been evacuated with more than 300 properties being affected since the rainy weather began on Sunday. Good housekeeping is important; denying a rat access to food will discourage it from sticking around. So, keep your eyes peeled for a chewed cable and be on the lookout for an army of homeless rodents… For more information on flooding visit the BBC website for regular updates or give me a call!





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