The (all too) Common Furniture Beetle

12 Oct


The effects of woodworm can be catastrophic; wooden structures, if contaminated, can collapse and leave a building in complete disrepair. Woodworm is the generic term for all wood-boring insects; the creature most likely to be munching its way through your wooden structures is the Common Furniture Beetle. These insects are most likely to be introduced to a property via previously contaminated timber, canes and planks of wood or old furniture. Need I say, it’s important to look out for the ‘signs’ of woodworm before that old barn comes crashing down or….. Grandma’s chair gives way.

So! Look for holes – fresh ones – round in shape with sharp edges. Also, keep an eye out for bore dust below the wood (i.e. on the floor), this is caused by an emerging insect and is a sure giveaway that CFB’s are in the building (literally). Floorboards or roof structures that have been infected will often have ‘crumbly’ edges where the insects’ tunnelling has begun to break down the wood’s structure.

Although there are a number of different types of wood-boring insect, the principals for treating all woodworm cases are very much the same – all treatments are designed to disrupt the life cycle stages with a course of insecticide.

So, watch out barn conversions, listed buildings, churches and any kind of pine or soft wood structure – woodworm is at large. Visit the webpage for more information:

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