Scalpel please Mister Ratty – the unwanted theatre assistant

12 Nov

In recent news we have seen the snowballing effects of unwanted rodent activity; last week a rat was found scurrying around a decommissioned operating theatre at the King’s Mill Hospital in Mansfield. A total of 40 procedures had to be cancelled due to fear of spreading disease.


Not only was this a highly embarrassing incident, it also meant that patients had to wait (even longer!) for their procedures. So, this leaves me wondering – what could an incident like this do to the reputation of your business? How disruptive can it be? For hospitals, it’s clear the answer is ‘very’. For restaurateurs and pub owners the likelihood of a rat waltzing onto your premises is expectedly higher but the damages can be just as catastrophic. So what about other businesses….do we underestimate how disruptive one rat can be?

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