Rats and their many misdemeanours

9 Jan

Are we being hysterical about the danger of rats, can we justify a shriek of terror and a leap to safety? Well, it’s unlikely you’ll be attacked (rat flying through the air towards throat?) but for businesses, the repercussions of rat activity will certainly cause a figurative shriek… Rats do indeed carry disease and this poses a significant problem for hospitals, food factories and restaurants/takeaways. But what about that other problem… the nibbling.

Yes rats love to gnaw stuff! Businesses be warned! This can be a huge problem, resulting in damage costs as a result of ruined wires and cables. Pandemonium – a little nibble and the computer system is down – shriek!

Essentially, prevention is the best cure; don’t give rats a reason to enter your premise. Of course in a restaurant, takeaway or food factory the appropriate level of deterrence can be difficult to maintain. So, if things have got out of control (shrieking from left, right and centre…) then please, give Abate a call.

Rats and electronics do not mix, let’s try and stop the munching!

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