Moths – are they becoming extinct?

6 Feb

Moths – are they becoming extinct?

If  you have been plagued by carpet moths, then you will presume that there are moths in abundance and you would be partly correct.  Carpet moths are one of the few species whose numbers have increased in recent years, but in general, moth numbers are sadly decreasing.

Does it matter that the moth population is in decline?  Well, yes it does really as it is important in our eco-system:-

“The decline could have a knock-on effect for plant pollination and animals reliant on moths for food, such as garden and woodland birds, bats and small mammals”

Part of the reason for their decline over the past four decades may be put down to changes in agriculture and farming.  With more intensive farming and less growing of berries, such as gooseberries and currants, the moth may have less food available to them.

There is a silver-lining.  The EU is encouraging farmers to plant more trees and hedgerows and to move away from the more intensive farming methods – this will also increase the butterfly population too!


Moths are important indicators of biodiversity health

If you are having issues with carpet moths, please give us a call and we will offer advice and if necessary, come and treat the area for you.

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