Ant infestation? Ant news!

8 Apr

What do you know about ants and ant infestation?


Tree-cutter ant

Did you know that there are over 20,000 different species of ants and incredibly only half have been documented?  Some are very exotic and nothing like the ants that we all see infesting our houses from time to time – take a look a the leaf-cutter ant.  They carry leaves for 100’s of meters and if we were to carry a similar weight, it would be the equivalent of carrying a small van; wow!

Ants are one of the most fascinating insects and live in all regions of the world from the rain forest to our homes.  There are even ants in the Sahara desert.

Ants live in colonies and have a very structured caste system of worker, soldier, queen and drone.  Only the queen and the males she mates with in flight will reproduce.  All the others are female and are the workers and drones and remain sterile.

The majority of the ants found in our own houses are Black Ants.  They generally cause a nuisance as they are constantly foraging for food and will cluster around any food source.  They make their nests in soil, under paving slabs, walls and quite often, under the foundations of the house.  This is why quite often, streams of ants are seen coming into the house from the outside wall looking for food.  If they have become a problem, apply a contact insecticide such as ant powder or a gel product. One word of warning, do not apply insecticide to the outside of property walls as the colony may be underneath the foundations.

It is always preferable to ask the advice of a professional pest controller if you are unsure about how to treat any infestation.


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