Spring is in the air…

15 Apr

It’s finally starting to feel as if the long winter is behind us – the days are longer, warmer and brighter and whether you’re in the city or country chances are you’re waking to the sound of birds busily building their nests and squabbling over food and territory! Unfortunately the rising numbers of birds can cause a multitude of problems in both homes and businesses. The most common culprit is, unsurprisingly, the Pigeon. The pigeon’s dropping are highly acidic and given the narrow ledges and rooftop locations they use to nest and perch the damage to metals, and stone can often isn’t noticed until it is severe. Pigeons are also notoriously messy nest builders and their twigs and old nests can block chimneys, heating and air conditioning units as well as guttering and drains, posing both a fire and flood risk. There are various ways of dealing with the problems caused by Pigeons and our other feathered friends. As well as being able to deal quickly and effectively with any existing bird problems you may have domestically or commercially we at Abate offer a range of products and services designed to deter birds and protect your property from the damage it could sustain. Amongst these is The Avishock system, an RSPCA approved method of bird proofing commercial properties and can be an especially useful option for those with listed buildings that needs protection.


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