Bird netting at a factory in Kings Lynn

16 Jul

At Abate Pest Management we spend lots of time working on Bird Proofing Solutions in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.  This blog post looks at a series of photographs that were taken when some of our technicians installed bird netting at a factory in Kings Lynn. Birds were landing under the roof of the canopy, which was directly over a Goods in/out area.  Read more information after the images about associated problems with Feral Pigeons, Gulls and other Nuisance Birds.

There are many problems associated with feral pigeons and gulls that can cost you money and adversely affect the smooth running of your business…

Maintenance Costs
Over time, pigeon and seagull nests and droppings block gutters and down pipes. The resulting overflowing rain water leads to timber decay, broken rendering, ruined decorations and, in some cases, structural damage. The resulting repair work can be costly.  pigeon

Spread of Disease Agents
A close association between birds and humans increases the possibility of disease transmission. Pigeons may carry bacteria causing Salmonellosis. They also carry Ornithosis, a disease similar to viral pneumonia that can be transmitted to humans through infected droppings or respiratory droplets. Ornithosis is often mistaken for flu in humans, so may be far more common than we realise.

The rising pigeon population is causing concern for local councils all over the UK; it’s thought to be directly linked to the increase in food waste as well as the public’s tendency to feed them.

Unsafe Conditions
Pigeon droppings can cause footpaths to become very slippery. This poses a risk to public safety and could result in costly injury claims.


Sources of Insect Infestation
Pigeon nests harbour insects and mites that either scavenge on the nest material and droppings or as external parasites on the birds. The following insects and mites are known to occur in pigeons’ nests: carpet beetle, fur beetle, case-bearing clothes moth, brown house moth, white shouldered house moth, dermestid beetles, Australian spider beetle, cheese mite, flour mite, dust mites, lesser housefly and blowflies.

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