Seagulls in East Anglia

29 Jul

Seagulls such as Herring gulls and the Lesser Black Backed gulls have become well adapted to living in towns and cities some distance away from our coastlines. This modern urban environment is the perfect opportunity for these birds to scavenge on our food sources all year round. These nuisance birds can become a great problem particularly during the summer months, when mating and rearing their young will aggressively defend their nests and attack passers by should they think they are at risk.  At Abate we complete many Bird Proofing jobs in East Anglia to help counter the issues these birds bring.

Many of the buildings you find today have large flat roof areas providing the perfect habitat for these birds to nest and roost on balconies, ledges, chimney stacks, roof vents and the most recent preferences are behind or underneath roof top air conditioning units.

All these locations pose a threat to damage to the building, blocked drains or chimney pots and the risk of staff or contractors being attacked or not able to carry out their work.

Noise is a big problem for many residents at seaside towns being woken up during the summer months just as day breaks when the gulls will feed, breed and fight creating a very loud commotion. This disturbs people trying to sleep and can also stresses many people who have a fear of birds (Ornithophobia).

At Abate we have knowledgeable and experienced staff that can help and advise on controlling gulls. We have many control methods for both businesses and domestic premises such as netting, Avistrand pin & wire work, Avipoint spike work and Avishock the electrical deterrent system as installed at St Georges, Gt Yarmouth.

Bird Proofing

Bird netting to protect workforce

Bird proofing

Bird Proofing on the Granary at Wells-Next-The-Sea

Bird Proofing

Avishock is particularly useful for Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed buildings and other sites where some conventional bird proofing methods are not allowed. St Georges Chapel Great Yarmouth.


Avishock installed on the Open Youth Building in Norwich

Call the Abate team to arrange your free site survey and advise on please call us on 0800 980 9767.

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