Squirrel found to be infected with the plague

4 Aug

When you are out having a family walk and you spot a Squirrel most people would say “look over there it’s a lovely squirrel’. However if you are walking in parts of a national forest in California you may say “run it’s a squirrel”.

Why? Parts of the national forest have been evacuated and closed down after a squirrel was found to be infected with the plague. Have a full read of the BBC news story here.

Squirrels are classified as a rodent, the grey squirrel was introduced into the UK in the mid 19th century and has now become a major pest of forestry.


Photo: Jonathan White


Photo: Jonathan White


Photo: Jonathan White

Squirrels may enter buildings in search of food and shelter, which results in damage to products and structures. Under the Destructive Imported Animals Act 1932 and the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, it’s illegal to release a grey squirrel into the wild.

In recent years, squirrels have developed a liking for loft areas in domestic and commercial properties. Once inside, they chew wires, make lots of noise, set off alarms and build nests out of loft insulation. It’s very difficult to live in harmony with these creatures should they gain entry into your buildings, and the situation usually requires attention by a professional pest control company.

Squirrels survive and adapt just as successfully as rats and mice, and require very similar control methods.

There are a variety of a live cage traps, baits or proofing measures that can be used. Please call us on 0800 980 9767 or visit our website.

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