Rats can cause serious issues to your business

6 Oct

As a  Pest Control company we don’t just carry out Rat control because of the diseases that carry, we also do it because of the damage these rodents can cause, ending up with your business having costly expenses.

We recently had a call from a Norfolk based company because Rats were on the premises and had chewed through this fibre optic cable. Not only did this cost several hundred pounds to fix the problem, which took the company a long time to source the damage they also lost phone communication and CCTV footage.  All in all probably a few thousand pounds was the expected bill.

Wires that have been chewed by Rats

Wires that have been chewed by Rats

This could of been prevented for the sake of a few hundred pounds or so by implementing an annual pro-active pest control solution.  This company has now taken out a pest control contract but I cannot help feeling the horse had already bolted.

If this could affect your business please give us a call we will be very happy to come along and conduct a free site survey. Our Pest Control Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire technicians are ready to help.

rodent control 1

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