Rat Treatment in Norwich

25 Mar

Our second Pest Control Norwich feature is all about rat treatment.

Rats can cause thousands of pounds as they chew through electrical cable, pipework, woodwork and anything else that come in their way.

Rats can also carry many diseases that can be spread to humans. One of these is Weil’s Disease, which is passed on in rat urine. They can spoil large amounts of food by contaminating it with their droppings and urine. They can cause serious health issues.

Don’t leave food out for birds. Keep your bins shut. Make sure drains and manholes are not broken and that disused drains or toilets are sealed off.

Rodent control is vitally important and we recommend you have regular service inspections spread out over the course of the year. This allows your premises to have baits checked, replenished or relocated to areas where they will be most effective.

A standard contract entails eight service visits, carried out approximately six to seven weeks apart, over a twelve month period. This ensures that any surviving rodents from previous treatments or new litters are also dealt with.

Rat Treatment

Our Norwich location today is at the Royal Arcade in Norwich City Centre. The Royal Arcade was opened in 1899 and is a 247 foot long covered avenue.


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