Breaking News….and the winner is……‘Mr Morpheus’

23 Apr

Following the arrival of our new Abate mascot the other week, we ran a competition to give him a name. We had an incredible 387 names! Many of these came from the Norwich Spring Fling that was attended by 5300 people, but other names came from Facebook and local schools.

Meet ‘Mr Morpheus’ which was the name chosen by Adam Clarke from Norwich who won an Argos voucher. We picked Mr Morpheus, not because he was the God of Dreams, maybe because he had a thousand brothers, but mainly because Morpheus, from the Matrix film was known to be a truly inspirational leader and influential teacher to many people, and we hope that our Mr Morpheus will help many people in years to come. Well done Adam your voucher is in the post.

abate rat

Also at the Spring Fling we had a draw to win a Blackberry phone, this was won by Rebecca Ludman who lives near Dereham.

If you would like to ask Mr Morpheus a question about Pest Control, then please send it to

Please visit our pest control website by clicking here.

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