Quality Control for Pest Control

26 May

Quality is so important at Abate Pest Management and that is why they use Norwich based QMS as our Quality consultants.

Why they gained Certification?

Abate Ltd aim to meet their customers’ needs by delivering the highest level of customer service, whilst also operating a safe and healthy workplace and maintaining environmental integrity.

They gained their first Certification in 2007, Jon Blake MD at Abate Ltd recalls “We wanted to show our clients that we have a good structure and procedures which we follow. This helps us speak to clients and to show that we are ISO 9001 certified is valuable, as it is a recognised system both in the UK and overseas”.

Abate chose to extend their scope of Certifications by also gaining the OHSAS 18001 Certification in March 2012 and the ISO 14001 Certification in March 2014.  “These Certifications, along with the ISO 9001 have helped us fill in tender documents with ease, reducing the time previously spent on the tender process” said Mr Blake.

Mr Blake continues “The Systems help us to keep our processes inline as our business changes, with everything being continually monitored and documented” and as a result of the recent Certifications Abate now have numerous environmental initiatives in place, Mr Blake confirms “We now send products away for recycling, use more energy efficient equipment, have improved staff awareness of the carbon footprint and have created staff initiatives to reduce costs when using vehicles”.

We are delighted that Abate have been used as a case study on the QMS website. Please take a look at the QMS website.



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