Bird Proofing in Hunstanton with spikes and Avishock

30 Dec

We have been Bird Proofing in Hunstanton this week.  We visited a privately owned holiday let, a lovely ornate 1900s property in the town of Hunstanton on the North Norfolk coast.

Pigeons started to congregate a couple of years back and has progressively got worse over time. The owner tried a few various methods of bird spiking etc himself but had no luck. He had to regularly come up from London to clean out the valleys and gulleys etc to stop the guano build up as you will see from some of the pictures how putrid this was. The last straw was when the guano build up was so bad it blocked up the drains etc thus causing a flood inside, which had to be repaired.

We have now fitted a bespoke spiking and Avishock system which has been fitted onto a 7 day timer so only switches on from dawn to dusk. This will deter etc as said in other Avishock work.

At Abate, we use the latest in bird proofing technology with the Avishock system. This is an RSPB approved product that educates birds via a harmless electric shock – in the same way that electric fences manage cattle – to stop them landing and nesting on ledges, roofs and other locations on your property.

Avishock is particularly useful for Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed buildings and other sites where some conventional bird proofing methods are not allowed.

Our team have over 55 years combined experience in bird proofing, and the services we offer include in-depth site audits and risk assessments.  We have also achieved CSCS cards, enabling us to work on construction sites where there are often bird proofing issues.

Please visit our Bird Control Website for more information.

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