Protecting buildings and people from bird pests

15 Feb

Gulls are proving a growing problem in most of our seaside towns and cities. Reports from all over the Uk have gulls attacking small pets and even people. A school in Lowestoft has so many gulls nesting on their site they are attacking the children. During the February half term we are installing gull netting on the building to stop the gulls nesting and attacking the children.  We’re also re-netting a roof on a major car dealership in the town. They’re suffering from the effects of the gulls fouling on their new show room cars. The netting will also prevents the birds from nesting on the building.


An industrial estate in nearby Gorleston-on-Sea is also having problems with pigeons nesting and blocking their drains and roof valleys with guano. This month we will be installing pigeon netting on building to prevent future problems.

Another job this month, sees us installing pigeon netting for a facilities management company in Wimbledon. Their contractors are refusing to climb ladders to the roof to carry out routine maintenance because of the large amounts of pigeon guano on the building. We’re going to be fitting netting around the ladders to keep the areas clean.

There are many types of bird proofing systems on the market today but one of the most effective deterrents in areas where there is a high density of birds fouling and nesting is bird netting.
Bird netting systems can screen off problems areas and can be 100% successful when installed properly. The nets come in various sizes to suit the different types of bird pest species from House Sparrows and Starlings to gulls and pigeons. We also have different colour netting available to match your buildings masonry as far as possible.

Bird netting

If you have a bird pest problem and would like further information, please call us for free on 0800 980 9609 or call us on 01953 603390. You’ll also find some useful information at

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