Drone technology for pest control

27 Jun

Proud to be one of only a few companies in the region to be using drone technology to service high rise buildings.


Over the past few months we have seen a significant increase in the number of call outs to install bird proofing products on both domestic and commercial properties. In order to maintain our high level of service we decided it was time to invest in the latest technology. So far it has proved a huge success, enabling us to inspect properties more efficiently and identify if pests such as seagulls are nesting on your roof tops using thermal sensors. We can provide CCTV footage of rooftops through the use of our 60ft pole.

Rain gutters and downpipes are a particular problem area when it comes to birds. Over time the bird droppings and any nests that are made in these areas can create a blockage. This can result in rainwater overflowing causing wood to decay, structural damage and possibly causing significant damage to rendering. These are all quite expensive problems to fix, so we believe that with the use of our new drone we will be able to service a wider range of properties. It will increase our safety when working at a height and it offers time and cost efficiencies in the long run. All the data captured from our drone can be processed by a smartphone or tablet, reducing the need to send people to investigate.

The drones that we use have custom built professional systems allowing us to view high resolution footage of the problem areas. The potential is extremely exciting news for the agricultural industry. Farmers will be able to see what the drone is looking at in real time, meaning that they can track the pest’s movements, secure their location and prevent them from harming their crops or livestock.

There are a wide range of bird proofing systems on the market today and with our expertise we can recommend the best method to control your bird problems. From netting, post-and-wire systems, spikes or gel systems to the latest in bird proofing technology – the Avishock system.

If you have a bird pest problem and would like further information, please call us for free on 0800 980 9609. You’ll also find some useful information at www.abateltd.co.uk/interior/bird_control

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