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Squirrels: pests or cute wildlife?

26 Aug

Keeping rodents under control is vitally important in any commercial or domestic premises. While we all appreciate the problems rats and mice can cause, many people are less aware that squirrels can cause significant damage and health problems if they get into buildings.


Squirrels may enter buildings looking for food and shelter and when this happens they can cause a great amount of damage to products and to the fabric and structure of buildings. In rare cases, they can also pose a health hazard to humans. They particularly like loft areas in commercial and domestic buildings where they chew through wires, make a lot of noise, set off alarms and build nests out of the loft insulation.

It is important to call in the professionals to deal with any squirrel problems. It is against the law to release a Grey Squirrel into the wild so a professional approach is always advised. Red Squirrels are protected under the Wildlife and Conservation Act 1981 so it is important that managing wildlife such as squirrels should be left to the professionals. Not only can we ensure the current problem is eradicated meeting all legal guidelines and protections we can also ensure that all possible measures are taken to avoid a repeat of the problem occurring in the future.

Our team has been helping Cambridge County Council sort out a squirrel problem they have recently had in one of their care buildings. The squirrels had been nesting in the roof, using the loft insulation material and chewing through cables. We removed the nests, created and installed a bespoke metal mesh to fit onto all the guttering to prevent re-infestation.

We have a range of live cage traps, baits and proofing methods we can employ. Not only can we sort out the problem with the existing squirrels we can ensure your premises is effectively proofed against the pests returning and gaining access. We will check any traps on a daily basis and will check for entry points to ensure the squirrels are not able to get back into the premises.

Abate Pest Management is an ISO registered company which means we can meet the administrative demands of large businesses including an advanced service for food grade premises, packaging and pharmaceuticals that meet Soil Association, BRC and TFMS specifications.

If you would like help or advice with a squirrel problem in your home or business, contact the Abate team on 0800 9809797. We have a range of traps, baits and proofing measures we can use. Alternatively, visit our website.