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Wasp Nest Removal – Summer 2016

23 May

Abate Pest Control destroys wasp nests quickly and safely

Abate Pest Management make sure your visitors are safe and do not feel threatened when they come round to visit.  Wasps can be found in a wide variety of places from nesting underground, in cavities or trees, in bushes, sheds and garages as well as houses in places such as loft spaces.

Get ready for wasps – Wasp control in Norfolk (2)

Wasps are usually present from May through to September and it can be easily said that you may be facing a problem with one.  Our qualified team can free you from your wasp nest problem in a variety of ways and will assess the situation and place of infestation before taking up the appropriate treatment in removing the wasp nest. We dust an insecticide powder around the entrance of the nest which contaminates the worker wasps as they return to their nest as well as spraying an insecticide directly onto the nest.

“Had Abate in for a wasps nest at home… very happy with speed of response, quality of work and dead wasps within 20 minutes. Chap attending site very professional and all paperwork correct and in order. I like to check the service out sometimes, when I have a reason and you passed with flying colours!!  Many Thanks” – Brian at Norse Care

We advise that wasp nest removal should not be undertaken by untrained persons in any circumstance.  Abate Pest Management can provide you with the quickest and safest option.

Are you facing a wasp nest problem and would like a professional wasp nest removal treatment? For your free site audit, why not call our team on 08009 809767; we are more than happy to answer and questions or queries you may have.  To find out more information you can visit our wasp nest removal page on our website today.