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How do you stop birds nesting on a power station?

7 Nov

Agrilaser Bird Control System
One of our existing clients recently called us in to carry out some bird proofing to deter gulls and other birds from nesting and roosting on their rooves.

We installed a state of the art laser system – Agrilaser – which uses birds’ natural instincts to deter them from nesting or roosting.

The fully automated system circulates a green laser beam on a timing mechanism which sweeps across the roof tops. Birds see the approaching green beam of light as a threat. Their innate survival instinct kicks in and they fly away.

The continuous presence of this moving laser beam will keep areas bird free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The laser system is fully automated and can be run 24/7 giving it a great advantage over the hand held products on the market which need staff to operate regularly.

The Agrilaser system has many advantages including:

·         It’s easy to deploy in all situations.

·         Safe for the birds and humans.

·         No maintenance is required.Agrilaser Bird Control System

If you have birds nesting on your premises in large numbers they can cause several problems. Over time nests and droppings block gutters and downpipes and the resulting overflowing rainwater can ultimately lead to structural damage to buildings. Their droppings can be a health hazard spreading disease as well as posing a slip hazard on footpaths and the land around the nest and roost sites.

If you’d like more information about this bird control laser technology or the other bird control methods Abate Pest Management has to help you with your bird control problems, call us free on 0800 980 9767.


Abate has huge success in bird proofing intu Chapelfield

23 May

Abate Pest Management has just completed some specialist bird proofing at intu Chapelfield.

Over the last month the team at Abate has been working hard to help deter nuisance birds away by bird proofing the intu Chapelfield building and the area that surrounds it.

Intu Chapelfields April 2016 001

Pigeons & gulls favour rooftops and ledges which are great harbouring and roosting points for the birds.  The result of the project has been a huge success, preventing gulls and pigeons from nesting on the roof space through our specialist bird proofing methods. Abate Pest Management have over 70 years combined experience in the pest control field, servicing both commercial and domestic properties in Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond.

Can we help you stop pigeons & gulls nesting on your roof in Norwich?  Do not hesitate to call us today on 0800 980 9767 for a free site survey or visit the Bird control page on our website.

Bird proofing gutter boxes at Jarrolds Norwich

8 Apr

Last month we were working at Jarrolds Norwich, bird proofing their gutter boxes. They had noticed that pigeons were nesting behind the gutter boxes and called us in. We cleared away the nesting material and then manufactured and fitted bespoke metal plates and spikes to the gutter boxes. If this problem had been left untreated they could have caused serious flood damage due to blocking the gutter and down pipe.

Rain gutters have always been a problem bird area and bird proofing gutter boxes is an important job as over time pigeon and seagull nests and droppings block gutters and down pipes. If this happens the resulting overflowing rain water leads to timber decay, broken rendering, ruined decoration and, in some cases, structural damage. The resulting repair work can be costly.

bird proofing gutter boxes in norwich

There is a wide range of bird proofing systems on the market today and with our expertise we can recommend the best method to control your bird pest problems. From netting, post-and-wire systems, spikes or gel systems to the Avishock system. This is an RSPB approved product that educates birds via a harmless electric shock – in the same way that electric fences manage cattle – to stop them landing and nesting on ledges, roofs and other locations on your property. This is particularly useful for Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed buildings and other sites where some conventional bird proofing methods are not allowed. We can also offer the latest laser bird proofing technology.

The standard of our work is extremely high. We are proud to be one of only a few companies in the country who have achieved National Pest Technician Association (NPTA) gold accreditation. Meaning all our facilities, procedures and training practices have been fully audited and accredited.  Our team has over 55 years combined experience in bird proofing, and the services we offer include in-depth site audits and risk assessments.  We have also achieved CSCS cards, enabling us to work on construction sites where there are often bird proofing issues. We are also IPAF certified for working at heights.

If you have a bird pest problem and would like further information, please call us for free on 0800 980 9609 or call us on 01953 603390. You’ll also find some useful information at http://www.abateltd.co.uk/interior/bird_control

Protecting buildings and people from bird pests

15 Feb

Gulls are proving a growing problem in most of our seaside towns and cities. Reports from all over the Uk have gulls attacking small pets and even people. A school in Lowestoft has so many gulls nesting on their site they are attacking the children. During the February half term we are installing gull netting on the building to stop the gulls nesting and attacking the children.  We’re also re-netting a roof on a major car dealership in the town. They’re suffering from the effects of the gulls fouling on their new show room cars. The netting will also prevents the birds from nesting on the building.


An industrial estate in nearby Gorleston-on-Sea is also having problems with pigeons nesting and blocking their drains and roof valleys with guano. This month we will be installing pigeon netting on building to prevent future problems.

Another job this month, sees us installing pigeon netting for a facilities management company in Wimbledon. Their contractors are refusing to climb ladders to the roof to carry out routine maintenance because of the large amounts of pigeon guano on the building. We’re going to be fitting netting around the ladders to keep the areas clean.

There are many types of bird proofing systems on the market today but one of the most effective deterrents in areas where there is a high density of birds fouling and nesting is bird netting.
Bird netting systems can screen off problems areas and can be 100% successful when installed properly. The nets come in various sizes to suit the different types of bird pest species from House Sparrows and Starlings to gulls and pigeons. We also have different colour netting available to match your buildings masonry as far as possible.

Bird netting

If you have a bird pest problem and would like further information, please call us for free on 0800 980 9609 or call us on 01953 603390. You’ll also find some useful information at  www.abateltd.co.uk/interior/bird_control

New contract for an Agrilaser bird control system.

3 Feb

We recently introduced the latest technology in bird control – the Agrilaser. A fully automated laser bird repelling system.  This month we are installing an Agrilaser system for a packaging company in Kings Lynn. There are 8 buildings on the site and the lasers will deter gulls from nesting and attacking staff.

The principle of repelling birds with a laser beam is inspired by nature. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical danger and their survival instinct causes them to fly away. The continuous presence of the moving laser beam keeps areas free of birds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Agrilaser system has many advantages including:
·         Easy to deploy in all situations
·         Safe for the birds and humans.
·         No maintenance needed.

Agrilaser Bird Control System
If you’d like more information about advanced laser technology for bird control or about any other types of bird control please call Abate Pest Management on 0333 2020 830 or visit our laser bird control website.

Pigeon Control for Mock Tudor Building in Ipswich

26 Sep

This is the work that we recently carried out on a Mock Tudor building in Ipswich which has had a huge face lift.  Pigeon proofing measures have been implemented to ensure they do not perch and nest on the building, damaging what has been repaired and replaced.

Every effort was made to make sure that the materials used blended in with the property.

Whether it’s a one-off residential occurrence or an on-going commercial premises problem, we can help you bird-proof your property safely and effectively. Please visit our bird control website for more information.

Bird Control for Warehouse in Norfolk

4 Jul

Our technicians working last week on the Norfolk coast in a warehouse, carrying out pigeon proofing measures to prevent them roosting and harbouring inside this building.

By installing weld mesh over air vents it will stop the birds gaining access into the building creating havoc with alarms being triggered off, along with guano potentially damaging / contaminating goods.

If you are looking for any advice on Bird Control please call 01953 603390 or visit our website by clicking here.

Bird Control Bird Control Bird Control view from warehouse Bird Control Bird Control