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How do you stop birds nesting on a power station?

7 Nov

Agrilaser Bird Control System
One of our existing clients recently called us in to carry out some bird proofing to deter gulls and other birds from nesting and roosting on their rooves.

We installed a state of the art laser system – Agrilaser – which uses birds’ natural instincts to deter them from nesting or roosting.

The fully automated system circulates a green laser beam on a timing mechanism which sweeps across the roof tops. Birds see the approaching green beam of light as a threat. Their innate survival instinct kicks in and they fly away.

The continuous presence of this moving laser beam will keep areas bird free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The laser system is fully automated and can be run 24/7 giving it a great advantage over the hand held products on the market which need staff to operate regularly.

The Agrilaser system has many advantages including:

·         It’s easy to deploy in all situations.

·         Safe for the birds and humans.

·         No maintenance is required.Agrilaser Bird Control System

If you have birds nesting on your premises in large numbers they can cause several problems. Over time nests and droppings block gutters and downpipes and the resulting overflowing rainwater can ultimately lead to structural damage to buildings. Their droppings can be a health hazard spreading disease as well as posing a slip hazard on footpaths and the land around the nest and roost sites.

If you’d like more information about this bird control laser technology or the other bird control methods Abate Pest Management has to help you with your bird control problems, call us free on 0800 980 9767.

New Agrilaser Bird Control System from Abate Pest Management

8 Dec

Agrilaser Bird Control System

The Agrilaser Autonomic is the future of bird control. It is a fully automated bird repelling system which provides continuous bird repelling capabilities after one configuration. The Agrilaser Autonomic uses lasers that are safe for both birds and humans, the birds see the lasers as a physical danger which causes them to fly away.

Visit our one page website to see more information and watch our video on the bird repelling system.

Why choose the Agrilaser Autonomic?

  • 24/7 prevention of bird presence
  • Easy to deploy in every desired situation
  • Safe for humans and birds
  • Multiple power sources

The Agrilaser Autonomic is a clean and silent solution to bird repelling, and is completely inspired by nature. The lasers can repel birds in distances up to 2500 meters and wide areas of up to 3000 acres. After continuous use the birds will see the area as a dangerous area and stop returning.

A company who has experiences the Agrilaser


A packaging company called Van der Gugten in Rijnsburg, The Netherlands used to experience a lot of nuisance from seagulls before they used the Agrilaser Autonomic. The birds would gather on the building’s roof, they used to clog the drains up so much that the company would have to unclog the drains up to five times a year. They leave lots of dirt on and around the roof as they leave their droppings. Since they have been using the laser bird repelling system they have had considerably less birds around their building.

Results from the Agrilaser Autonomic bird control laser system:

  • 90% less birds
  • No need to worry about the system
  • Cost saving on man hours
  • Better appearance of premises
  • Reduced cleaning costs

Van der Gugten recommends the laser system, they said “It is the ideal solution to dealing with nuisance from birds. The flower auction, located on the same industrial estate, also uses the Agrilaser. They also have a lot less trouble with birds. It is an ideal tool and we wouldn’t want to be without it.”

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If you are interested to learn more about the Agrilaser Autonomic then do not hesitate to get in touch with our team or request a free survey from our Agrilaser web page where will be in touch to discuss the Agrilaser bird repelling system.