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Abate names Star Throwers as our Charity of the Year – Can you help?

29 Apr

Star Throwers

We are delighted to name Star Throwers as our charity of the year. Star Throwers is a cancer support charity based in Wymondham, which provides advice and support to people affected by cancer.

Can you help me kick off our fundraising?

You may know that Abate is on chariti.org.uk the online business directory that raises money for charities. It really helps my business and I love it as 50% of my subscription is given to the charity that I choose to support.

So this is how you can help me.

Any business can join the directory for just £30 plus vat for a full year. For every business that joins the directory in support of Star Throwers, they will receive £15 and the business will get a great online directory listing and marketing platform. A simple way to promote your business and improve your search engine rankings.

Just 20 businesses would raise £300 for Star Throwers.

Follow this link to get started and just click SUPPORT THIS CHARITY.

If you have any questions or need any help please let me know.

I really appreciate your support in helping me on my fundraising journey.

We are the champions……

6 Feb

Well, aren’t I a clever boy!  I have mentioned Wymondham Star Throwers in previous blogs and my passion for raising money.  Last Friday, we had the Star Throwers Charity Bowling night.  82 of us were bowling and we raised in excess of £1000 which was amazing.   And guess who won…….oh yes…..me!!  Look at the big grin.

I’m still planning the mammoth rowing expedition for Star Throwers, so watch this space and I would really appreciate all your support too.Image

Row the Channel (and back) – yes I will!

11 Oct

I may be a pest controller but that is not the whole picture!  I have spoken before about The Star Throwers in Wymondham and that I have been supporting the charity for some time now and next year I will be facing my biggest challenge yet.

I will be rowing the English Channel and back, non-stop on a concept 2 rowing machine – that’s approximately 44 miles! Last year I managed 26 miles so this is a huge challenge and I will do it!

First task is to lose weight…..to keep up to date with my progress, look out for my regular blog and Twitter updates.

If you would like to sponsor/support me, here’s a little more about the charity itself:-

The Star Throwers in Wymondham was founded by Dr Henry Mannings and is run entirely by volunteers who work not only to support people who are affected by cancer, but also those who are at particular risk of developing cancer. The charity provides advice for patients, friends and family, offering additional support from that which can be obtained through hospitals.
To find out more about The Star Throwers, you can visit their website at http://www.starthrowers.org.uk/ or alternatively call them on 01953 423304

How my little girl melted my heart…

24 Jun

Hello again

This week I’m sharing a really personal experience that happened just last weekend.  We have two young children and we are always showing them how things grow and why they grow – currently we have a fabulous crop of potatoes which are perfect just steamed and served with a little butter and sea salt.

Out of the blue, my 7-year old daughter asked if she could sell some at the gate, so she set up a table, wrote a sign, bagged up the potatoes and priced them at 50p a bag and then sat on a little stool in front of the house just waiting for passers-by.  There she remained for an hour and a half and sold 8 bags.  Initially, my little entrepreneur wanted to keep the money herself but she changed her mind.  She has heard me speak many times about Wymondham Star Throwers, a cancer support charity, that I actively fund-raise for continually and decided that she wanted to give the money to the charity instead.  I had to hold back my tears.  My young daughter is not only a budding entrepreneur, but she already understands the meaning of charity too….she melted my heart.


Charity support – my passion!

18 Jun

Hello again

This week I thought I would share my passion for charity fundraising with you.  I would imagine that generally pest controllers would not be associated with charity fundraising as pest controllers in general don’t have a particular ‘fluffy’ and perhaps caring image so I thought I would dispel a few myths!

The charity that I actively raise funds for is Wymondham Star Throwers.  It  is a not-for-profit, registered charity run entirely by passionate volunteers, dedicated to supporting and advising people in East Anglia who are affected by cancer, or are at particular risk of developing cancer.  It was started by Dr Henry Mannings to provide help to cancer sufferers who felt they have nowhere else to go or required advice on further management.

My latest exploit has been a very gentle darts competition and I am so determined to reach my goals, not only in business, but in charity too by a very much more strenuous rowing the channel across and back again, or its equivalent, even if the pain becomes almost too much to stand; such is my passion!

So, maybe the image of pest controllers should be reviewed; we don’t all have our trousers tied with string at the bottom and carry a ferret, neither do we walk about looking like something out of Ghostbusters (well, not all of the time anyway).  We care about our environment passionately (that word again) and pest control is all about protection, nurture and care – just the same as in charity support.

Hello pesky world!

12 May

Well, here I am on WordPress as I have taken the plunge to start blogging. Probably a little behind most people and I am determined to get to grips with new technology and social media.

I will be blogging about not just the pest world, but about charity events that I am involved in; that is my passion. Also coming soon are some humerous and semi-educational short stories about rats, moles, beetles etc…about the way they live their lives. So, be kind and I hope you will enjoy my attempts at professional writing.