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How to stop Birds falling down your chimney

19 Aug

At Abate Pest Control we enjoy doing Bird Control work especially as we reach some great heights to take some great photographs. Last week we were called to a property in Costessy in Norwich where pigeons and starlings kept falling down a domestic properties large chimney pots. The birds either died in the chimney breast because they trapped themselves or they ended up flying around inside of the house.

We installed metal chimney guards which are tensioned and flexible enough to fit various sized pots and openings. The guards were sprayed with black fire retardant spray and are designed to withstand heat.

We had to use a cherry picker for this job and the client waited until we had a few jobs to do in one day to share access costs. We say we are fast and this job was no exception as it took us less than an hour to set up, install and clear up.

If you have problems with birds falling down your chimneys please give us a call on 01953 603390 or visit our website