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Danger danger! Wasps are on their way

1 May

There was recently an article in the Cardiology Journal that said the number of fatalities due to wasp stings could exceed 1000 this year.  Sorry if this is a bit ‘doom and gloomish’, but I felt that everyone should be aware.  Apparently, a wasp sting can trigger a cardiac arrest – not necessarily at the time of the sting, but several days later.  It’s known as Kounis Syndrome. or allergic angina syndrome and  is a diagnosis in which exposure to an allergen causes mostly coronary spasm and rarely plaque rupture, resulting in ischemic myocardial events.

We are pleased to say that we stock Waspbane which is proven to be 97.5% more effective than other traps, to reduce the incidence of wasps.  Not only are wasps a pain in the proverbial ruining picnics (should it ever stop raining), but, in some cases can be very dangerous indeed; why take the risk?  Contact us for advice on all pest control – we can help!