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Chris the Cuckoo made it home!

10 May

Recently I wrote about Clement the Cuckoo and his sad demise and I think everyone thought I was going a bit bonkers! Well, it wasn’t April Fools Day but a serious investigation by the British Trust for Ornithology to see why the number of birds returning to the UK in springtime was diminishing. 5 male birds were fitted with tracking devices and as I reported before, Clement was lost feared dead. But, the good news is, Chris and Lyster made it home this week and Lyster was spotted by the Norfolk Broads on Tuesday.

There is a serious point to this that the number of cuckoos has fallen dramatically by almost 50% in the last two decades and this may be due to the changes in the seasons. Cuckoos are not actually a native British bird but originate from The Congo. Next steps in the project is to fit electronic tags to female birds and no, I am not going mad!