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Cost cutting, councils and the rise of the pest

4 Apr

Of course we all know about the cost-cutting and the huge deficit that we are facing and trying to come to terms with, but how many people know that due to the cost-cutting, one of the first services to become a victim was pest control.

With pest control being so drastically reduced, this brings the inevitable consequences. ¬†Yes, more rats, more pigeons, more wasps…..lots more of everything that is possibly not too welcome.

This is worrying because, if you are aware of the speed and numbers that a rat reproduces, it is not surprising that we are seeing more of them on a daily basis in towns, villages and cities and of course, rats do spread some unpleasant diseases.

I wonder if the reduction of pest control by local, district and county councils will just store up more costs and problems for the future, but, in the mean time, if you do spot a rat, please call us and we will come and take a look.