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Bird Proofing Wells-Next-the-Sea North Norfolk

9 Jul

Last week we were at Wells-Next-The-Sea on the North Norfolk Coast to install an Avistrand pin and wire solution on the gantry of The Granary.  We used stainless steel ridge brackets specifically designed and fabricated to adjust and lock onto roof ridges.  We operate a number of Bird Proofing methods for Bird Control.

The wires are then tensioned and fixed on each pin which in turn will stop gulls and pigeons landing on the brand new re-roofed slated Gantry.

Because of the building being listed and of importance,  we had to  match the stainless steel to the colour of the ridge.  The brackets were sprayed by us  to colour match the roof.

If we can help you with any Bird Proofing please contact us http://www.abateltd.co.uk/contact/contactus


Well travelled Locust

25 Apr

Well travelled Locust

Our latest visitor to Abate – survived a journey of a few thousand miles to the UK

The biggest rat cull in history

30 Nov

Wow!  I have just read a very interesting article (courtesy of BBC News) about the largest rat cull that the world has ever seen.  It’s called the Habitat Restoration Project on the  Atlantic island of South Georgia.  

Rats are pushing indigenous species of birds practically to extinction and a cull began in 2011. 

The rats arrived via boats in the 18th and 20th centuries and are now being culled using helicopters criss-crossing over the islands and dropping bait from giant hoppers. Abandoned whaling ship

It is hoped that 100 million pairs of sea birds will return to the islands once the cull is complete.

Let us hope that rats don’t multiply to a similar scale in the UK otherwise we will be kept extremely busy indeed.

Whilst I remember – an early Christmas advice message.  Careful how you dispose of all your left over food during the festive period.  Mr Rat will be very happy to clear up any mess!


Are they Wasps or Bees?

29 May

Pest Management isn’t just about preventing and removing rats and pigeons, it’s so much more including helping move those all important bees to a safe place.

This time of year we are usually already in the swing of gardening, BBQs and general summer mode. However the recent weather up to about a week or so ago has hindered us and the insect world, so spare a thought for them as they are working twice as hard to play catch up and help keep the planet spinning.

Bees are swarming now the warm spell is here but don’t be afraid of them as they are not interested in us. Queens will land to rest which can be almost anywhere but usually south to south west facing. Be proactive! know and find out who your local beekeepers are and have their phone number to hand. They would usually be more than happy to come and take the nest away if they can get to the queen. We need bees to help us and so we will only treat them as an absolute last resort and only if it is a threat to public health.

Please remember Bees swarm and wasps don’t as quite a few people get caught out thinking they have wasps. Wasp nests are imminent as the weather has dramatically changed, although it is usually a few more weeks yet before we start getting lots of calls for them.

So, can you tell the difference