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And rats to you too!

4 Dec

You may have heard me recently at many many networking meetings speaking about rats and the sheer volume of numbers there are.  Why is this and why is it different this year?  Well, it’s partly due to the mild weather that we have been enjoying recently and that coupled with the additional amount of food that we are storing for the festive period in garages, sheds etc….is providing a veritable feast for rodents.

So please, take care with food storage and disposal and if you think you may have a problem with rats, please speak to a reputable pest management company.  There have been incidents recently of prosecutions for the misuse of rodenticides and some unethical pest controllers.  If unused bait is left out ‘just in case’, this is inevitably eaten by field mice and voles which in turn are eaten by barn owls and kestrels and then wildlife is contaminated with rodenticides. Improper use of rodenticides puts children, pets, wild animals and birds at risk.  So always use a Wildlife Aware pest control company – because they really care about the world that we all share.Image