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Bird Free Gel – An innovative bird control system

31 Dec

An innovative bird control system, that is quick, easy to use and is very effective. Bird Free keeps all pest birds off structures without harming them, whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the structure.

This year we have installed many bird proofing systems and 2014 looks like we will continue to be very busy helping companies protect their buildings. The Bird Free Gel system is a great innovation that is installed on flat areas, pitched roofs and angled surfaces. Birds see ultraviolet light so Bird Free appears to them as fire, keeping them well away.

May we take this opportunity in wishing everyone a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Locust caught in East Anglia by Abate Pest Management

4 Jun

Locust caught in East Anglia by Abate Pest Management!

Abate Pest Management are getting well known for dealing with pests that originate from different parts of the globe. Today from a distribution company in East Anglia they captured a locust (as pictured). The locust is believed to come from Africa in a sea container and measures just over three inches, which is the maximum size of a fully-grown adult.

Of course we are lucky to report that only one locust was caught, as a plague of locusts is classed as a devastating natural disaster. Locusts are related to the grasshopper and according to the National Geographic website a locust swarm can be 460 square miles in size and pack between 40 and 80 million locusts into less than half a square mile. Each locust can eat its weight in plants each day, so a swarm of such size would eat 423 million pounds of plants every day. It was reported in 1954, a swarm flew from northwest Africa to Great Britain.

Last year Abate Pest Management was called out on three occasions to deal with Black Widow spiders that had been found in Great Yarmouth and Seething.

Cluster fly- what is it?

22 May

Flies, blue-bottles, house-flies – all common names, but do you know what a Cluster fly is?

Cluster flies are small flies that love roof spaces and living quarters.  They are found in the autumn months and although they are not disease carriers, it isn’t particularly pleasant to find hundreds in your bedroom.  They particularly like to get into homes through small spaces in the window when the heating is turned on – sash windows are their favourite entrance.

Cluster flies can inhabit roof-spaces in vast numbers – thousands at any one time.  It is fairly simple to eradicate them, but if there are bats in the attic, it is a little more problematic and will restrict the treatment methods.  If you think you have cluster flies and would like to speak to an expert about eradication, please contact us at Abate Pest Management Ltd in Norfolk on 0800 980 9767

Cluster flies are a little larger than house-flies – take a look at the pictures below…




Single Cluster fly









Group of Cluster flies on a window-sill


National Pest Technicians Association award Abate Pest Management Gold accreditation

10 Apr

National Pest Technicians Association award Abate Pest Management Gold accreditation

Once again the NPTA has recognised Abate Pest Management with their Gold accreditation, and as such have proven their credentials by passing a detailed audit of their premises, stores, equipment, vehicles, paperwork, training schedule and working practices.  All gold members carry public liability insurance and the accreditation scheme requires on-going auditing to ensure a high quality of service. 

In addition Abate Pest Management also collected these responses in relation to customer service from an ongoing survey: 

  1. How would you rate the initial advice and help you received from Abate? 97.2% said extremely or very helpful
  2. How well would you rate the professional knowledge of our staff? 100% said extremely or very knowledgeable
  3. How well would you rate the success of the work you had carried out? 97.2% said extremely or very successful
  4. Overall how well would you rate the politeness of our staff? 100% said extremely or very polite
  5. With regard to the work required actually being carried out, how would you rate the speed of response? 97.1% said extremely or very quick
  6. How likely are you to use Abate again? 100% said extremely or very likely
  7. How likely are you to recommend Abate to others? 100% said extremely or very likely

Jon Blake, Managing Director of Abate Pest Management said “We are 100% focused on customer service and getting work completed on time and with discretion. The whole team are delighted to once again receive the Gold Accreditation from the NPTA and even more delighted with the survey results that have come directly from our customers.”

Contact Abate Pest Management www.abateltd.co.uk

Rats and their many misdemeanours

9 Jan

Are we being hysterical about the danger of rats, can we justify a shriek of terror and a leap to safety? Well, it’s unlikely you’ll be attacked (rat flying through the air towards throat?) but for businesses, the repercussions of rat activity will certainly cause a figurative shriek… Rats do indeed carry disease and this poses a significant problem for hospitals, food factories and restaurants/takeaways. But what about that other problem… the nibbling.

Yes rats love to gnaw stuff! Businesses be warned! This can be a huge problem, resulting in damage costs as a result of ruined wires and cables. Pandemonium – a little nibble and the computer system is down – shriek!

Essentially, prevention is the best cure; don’t give rats a reason to enter your premise. Of course in a restaurant, takeaway or food factory the appropriate level of deterrence can be difficult to maintain. So, if things have got out of control (shrieking from left, right and centre…) then please, give Abate a call.

Rats and electronics do not mix, let’s try and stop the munching!

More Black Widow spiders in Norfolk

14 Dec

Just one month after a female Black Widow spider and hundreds of spiderlings were found near Great Yarmouth, another infestation of this highly venomous creature has been discovered at Fendercare Marine, the world’s pre-eminent supplier of marine equipment and services based in Seething, Norfolk.

Abate Pest Management were called back into action after Fendercare Marine searched on Google for spiders and spotted the previous Norfolk incident.


The male and female spiders were found in shipping containers that arrived from Arizona, which is in the south western region of the United States and about 900 miles away from Texas, where the last infestation originated from.
The highly venomous Black Widow spider has an unmistakable appearance. About the size of a finger-nail, the female is satin-black and usually has a bright red ‘hour-glass’ marking on the underside. The pale-coloured male is much smaller and does not bite.


The Abate Pest Management team, from Morley St Botolph near Wymondham, treated the containers with an insect fogging technique which has made the area safe.


It is amazing that such a rare spider has again found its way into our country in such a short period of time. Last month the story of the Black Widow that was in Norfolk made national news and was even covered in the United States. This spider’s bite is much feared because its venom is reported to be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s. It’s nice to be recognised as being an expert in this unusual field!FendercareBlack Widow Spider pic 1

The biggest rat cull in history

30 Nov

Wow!  I have just read a very interesting article (courtesy of BBC News) about the largest rat cull that the world has ever seen.  It’s called the Habitat Restoration Project on the  Atlantic island of South Georgia.  

Rats are pushing indigenous species of birds practically to extinction and a cull began in 2011. 

The rats arrived via boats in the 18th and 20th centuries and are now being culled using helicopters criss-crossing over the islands and dropping bait from giant hoppers. Abandoned whaling ship

It is hoped that 100 million pairs of sea birds will return to the islands once the cull is complete.

Let us hope that rats don’t multiply to a similar scale in the UK otherwise we will be kept extremely busy indeed.

Whilst I remember – an early Christmas advice message.  Careful how you dispose of all your left over food during the festive period.  Mr Rat will be very happy to clear up any mess!