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Pigeon guano takes a team of 5 to clear over 2 days!

10 Nov

This week five of our pest technicians will be in a loft clearing pigeon guano.

Although many people find birds attractive and pleasant, they can present serious problems if numbers aren’t controlled.  Bird droppings are particularly unpleasant because they’re infested with disease-causing organisms and can create slip hazards for your workers as well as members of the public. They’re also unsightly and can cause serious structural damage to your buildings.

Pigeons may carry bacteria causing Salmonellosis. They also carry Ornithosis, a disease similar to viral pneumonia that can be transmitted to humans through infected droppings or respiratory droplets.  Ornithosis is often mistaken for flu in humans, so
may be far more common than we realise.  The rising pigeon population is causing concern for local councils all over the UK; it’s thought to be directly linked to the increase in food waste as well as the public’s tendency to feed them.

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