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Abate has huge success in bird proofing intu Chapelfield

23 May

Abate Pest Management has just completed some specialist bird proofing at intu Chapelfield.

Over the last month the team at Abate has been working hard to help deter nuisance birds away by bird proofing the intu Chapelfield building and the area that surrounds it.

Intu Chapelfields April 2016 001

Pigeons & gulls favour rooftops and ledges which are great harbouring and roosting points for the birds.  The result of the project has been a huge success, preventing gulls and pigeons from nesting on the roof space through our specialist bird proofing methods. Abate Pest Management have over 70 years combined experience in the pest control field, servicing both commercial and domestic properties in Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond.

Can we help you stop pigeons & gulls nesting on your roof in Norwich?  Do not hesitate to call us today on 0800 980 9767 for a free site survey or visit the Bird control page on our website.


Post and wire bird system Installed in North Norfolk

31 Dec

A post and wire bird system is a standard bird proofing device that is normally installed on  flat surfaces to stop birds perching and roosting.  The main benefit of a post and wire system is that it is virtually invisible when installed at height and viewed from ground level.

These photographs were taken from our bird proofing project at Wells Next the Sea, North Norfolk.

Pigeon and gull netting installed in Great Yarmouth

19 Jul

This week we went to  company in Great Yarmouth where the staff were being attacked by Gulls every time they went to the outside terrace area.

Here you can see our team installing a box section of pigeon and gull netting to rectify the issue.

We carry out lots of Bird Proofing work throughout the County and if we can help you in anyway please do give us a call.  If you need any help please call us on 0800 987 9767 or 01953 603390 or visit our website at www.abateltd.co.uk


Bird Proofing Wells-Next-the-Sea North Norfolk

9 Jul

Last week we were at Wells-Next-The-Sea on the North Norfolk Coast to install an Avistrand pin and wire solution on the gantry of The Granary.  We used stainless steel ridge brackets specifically designed and fabricated to adjust and lock onto roof ridges.  We operate a number of Bird Proofing methods for Bird Control.

The wires are then tensioned and fixed on each pin which in turn will stop gulls and pigeons landing on the brand new re-roofed slated Gantry.

Because of the building being listed and of importance,  we had to  match the stainless steel to the colour of the ridge.  The brackets were sprayed by us  to colour match the roof.

If we can help you with any Bird Proofing please contact us http://www.abateltd.co.uk/contact/contactus


Avishock – electric bird deterrent

13 Apr

We have been working hard at St Georges Chapel in Gt Yarmouth to install the Avishock bird deterrent system.  For bird proofing, it is an obvious choice, particularly for Listed buildings and buildings of architectural merit and beauty.  Why?  Because it is almost invisible aesthetically; no spikes or nets to detract from the beauty of a building and also to minimise damage to the fabric of the building too.

We are often asked “does it kill the bird” – well, no one would really want dead birds dropping down from the sky off buildings, so the answer of course is no!  It acts just like an animal electric fence around a field.  The bird will fly off if it touches the strip and will also soon learn that this is not a place for him or her to perch.

If you have 5 minutes, take a look at our video and see how we installed the Avishock system.


Cost cutting, councils and the rise of the pest

4 Apr

Of course we all know about the cost-cutting and the huge deficit that we are facing and trying to come to terms with, but how many people know that due to the cost-cutting, one of the first services to become a victim was pest control.

With pest control being so drastically reduced, this brings the inevitable consequences.  Yes, more rats, more pigeons, more wasps…..lots more of everything that is possibly not too welcome.

This is worrying because, if you are aware of the speed and numbers that a rat reproduces, it is not surprising that we are seeing more of them on a daily basis in towns, villages and cities and of course, rats do spread some unpleasant diseases.

I wonder if the reduction of pest control by local, district and county councils will just store up more costs and problems for the future, but, in the mean time, if you do spot a rat, please call us and we will come and take a look.

Trowbridge pigeon ladies

3 Mar

Pigeons have been making a huge nuisance of themself in Trowbridge. The council and locals alike were particularly unhappy when two lovely ladies of pensionable age decided to feed them on a daily basis.

This created a big problem with mess and they were politely asked to stop feeding the birds (there’s a song there somewhere).  Well, they didn’t and are now the proud owners of an ASBO.  I am not sure what my thoughts are about giving out an ASBO to two ladies for bird feeding, but it does raise an interesting point about encouragement of pigeons to town centres when councils and businesses alike spend large amounts of money on bird prevention systems such as Avishock that is RSPB approved too.

I would love to know your thoughts on the ASBO bird feeders though…