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Charity support – my passion!

18 Jun

Hello again

This week I thought I would share my passion for charity fundraising with you.  I would imagine that generally pest controllers would not be associated with charity fundraising as pest controllers in general don’t have a particular ‘fluffy’ and perhaps caring image so I thought I would dispel a few myths!

The charity that I actively raise funds for is Wymondham Star Throwers.  It  is a not-for-profit, registered charity run entirely by passionate volunteers, dedicated to supporting and advising people in East Anglia who are affected by cancer, or are at particular risk of developing cancer.  It was started by Dr Henry Mannings to provide help to cancer sufferers who felt they have nowhere else to go or required advice on further management.

My latest exploit has been a very gentle darts competition and I am so determined to reach my goals, not only in business, but in charity too by a very much more strenuous rowing the channel across and back again, or its equivalent, even if the pain becomes almost too much to stand; such is my passion!

So, maybe the image of pest controllers should be reviewed; we don’t all have our trousers tied with string at the bottom and carry a ferret, neither do we walk about looking like something out of Ghostbusters (well, not all of the time anyway).  We care about our environment passionately (that word again) and pest control is all about protection, nurture and care – just the same as in charity support.

Kitchens at risk by new Argentine invaders!!

10 Jun

AbateDon’t panic Mr Mainwaring!  We are not just about to have a re-run of the Falklands War.  Our kitchens and patios are under attack as we speak by an aggressive little army of no less than Argentine ants.  What on earth is an Argentine ant and is it so different to our common or garden ant that always seem to march around the back door.

These little critters just love the warm weather that we are having and are very happy living indoors, particularly in your kitchen cupboards or under your cooker and they just love our common garden ant…so much so that they will attempt to wipe out our indigenous ants; grrrr.  I’m sorry to say as well that the usual sprays and powders may just make the situation worse if you find these marching through your kitchen and they will need to be treated by pest management – some insecticides may even make the colony even bigger as in the mediterranean coast, where one stretches for almost 4000 miles…yes, I did say, 4000 miles; incredible. 

So as a bit of a warning, if you do have these in your home or garden, please do not use the proprietary sprays and powders as the situation will just be made worse and you could see the trail extending way beyond your garden gate!

Listed buildings and birds

28 May

You may ask what on earth listed buildings have to do with pest management.  Well, quite alot really.  Listed buildings such as churches and chapels have endless issues with birds and then subsequent problems with the fabric of the building.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as protecting office blocks from pigeons, gulls etc…as there is endless involvement with English Heritage, National Trust, RSPB and architects too – in fact, the system that we use at Abate took ten years before it was approved by the RSPB, but the system can barely be seen which makes it ideal for these gorgeous ancient buildings.

Our latest project is St Georges Chapel in Gt Yarmouth in the historic King Street area; a wonderful chapel that is undergoing a major project for change of use to an arts venue.  I will keep you up-to-date with the progress and post some photos along the way too – it really is an exciting development.

So pest followers, I think that’s enough for now and I will be back again very soon with pest stories and recipes and the more serious stuff too!

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