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8 Nov

ratsRats – a fire hazard

Most people want to get rid of rats from their property because of the health hazard they pose. However, rats and other rodents also pose another, deadly hazard.

As winter approaches rats, mice and even squirrels can take up residence in homes and commercial buildings. Through their constant gnawing they can pose a serious fire hazard as they chew through electrical wires and cables.

As pest control experts we are often called in to deal with rodent pest problems. However, it’s all too easy to miss the tell-tale signs of a rodent problem until it’s too late and a major infestation has taken hold. In these cases, while we can place traps and baits around the property there’s no telling how much unseen damage the rodents have already wreaked on the property.

Anyone who has had a major rodent problem should seek advice from a qualified electrician. They will be able to check all the cabling and wiring in the property and make sure all are safe.

Many house fires have been traced back to rodents damaging wires in lofts and attics.  It’s worth inspecting these areas regularly – especially if you’ve had a rodent problem in other areas of the property. It’s all too easy to ignore these areas and a fire that starts here can have a devastating effect with potentially fatal results.

Wires that have been chewed by Rats

Wires that have been chewed by Rats

While dealing rapidly with a rodent problem as soon as you are aware of it is important it’s also vital to be pro-active and do everything you can to avoid rodents entering your property in the first place.

Rodents are opportunists and will gain access to a building wherever they can. A gap under a door, pipe holes in walls, overhanging trees and cables or even a door left ajar.

At Abate we take a proactive approach to controlling rodents by offering advice on how to make your premises less attractive to rodents.

If you live in a home or have a business prone to rodent problems, it’s worth considering one of our maintenance programmes.  This will include regular inspections throughout the year when we will check, replenish or relocate any bait or look for signs of new infestations to keep your home or business protected.

Tips for keeping your property rodent free:

·         Keep your property (including the loft and attic) clean.

·         Seal any possible entries to the building.

·         Keep rubbish bins tidy and covered.

·         Replace broken drain covers.

We have many years’ experience in dealing with rodents and can remove any pests you may have and make your property less attractive to rodents in the future.

If you think you may have a rodent problem, don’t delay.

Call us free on 0800 980 9767.

Rodents causing mayhem to vehicles, not just buildings

18 Mar

At Abate Pest Management, we have recently seen an increase in customer enquiries regarding rats and mice.

A customer earlier this month found they had mice chewing cables in the engine of their Mercedes Benz and the car broke down not long afterwards due to the damage caused by the rodents.

Even though the car was under warranty, this problem was not covered and Mercedes charged the customer for the repairs to his vehicle. When they thought the problem had been solved, their second car was also attacked by mice! They were found eating and living in the leather seats of the second car, and had chewed the washer wiping pipes in the car.

Our skilled team of technicians at Abate Pest Management also recently helped a local car dealership with rodents they found at their property. The rats had damaged a vehicle and service equipment on site. Our team fully eradicated the problem and left the client advice on how to keep the rodents at bay. This job shows the importance of commercial properties regularly assessing their properties for the presence of rodents.


A recent article by Popular Mechanics stated – “Animals take shelter and live in automobiles more often than you might think. In the frigid winter your car, insulated from predators and the cold, can be especially alluring to rodents and other critters… They chew on wires, and then the bare wires touch each other and short things out… They like to chew near their nest or shelter, so it could be in a tight, hidden area where you don’t usually think of looking for a problem or a short. I’ve seen animals chew through the main harness, essentially a car’s lifeline of wires… And then the car won’t run at all…

If you would like any help with the control of rodents or a free site audit. Call our team of expert pest control technicians on 0800 980 9609. Additionally, pop to our rodent control page on our website today to find out more.

Abate take on Non Toxic bait for rodent monitoring.

21 Dec

We were recently interviewed by industry leading Pest Control News about the use of of Non Toxic bait for rodent monitoring.

Non Toxic Bait

You can download the magazine here.

Visit our rodent control page on our website here.


Rat Treatment in Norwich

25 Mar

Our second Pest Control Norwich feature is all about rat treatment.

Rats can cause thousands of pounds as they chew through electrical cable, pipework, woodwork and anything else that come in their way.

Rats can also carry many diseases that can be spread to humans. One of these is Weil’s Disease, which is passed on in rat urine. They can spoil large amounts of food by contaminating it with their droppings and urine. They can cause serious health issues.

Don’t leave food out for birds. Keep your bins shut. Make sure drains and manholes are not broken and that disused drains or toilets are sealed off.

Rodent control is vitally important and we recommend you have regular service inspections spread out over the course of the year. This allows your premises to have baits checked, replenished or relocated to areas where they will be most effective.

A standard contract entails eight service visits, carried out approximately six to seven weeks apart, over a twelve month period. This ensures that any surviving rodents from previous treatments or new litters are also dealt with.

Rat Treatment

Our Norwich location today is at the Royal Arcade in Norwich City Centre. The Royal Arcade was opened in 1899 and is a 247 foot long covered avenue.


Top Tips to Keep Rats and Mice away this Christmas

18 Dec

Unwanted guests this Christmas?

Read our top tips and thoughts on how to keep Rats and Mice away.

Visit our ipatter.com post.


Rats can cause serious issues to your business

6 Oct

As a  Pest Control company we don’t just carry out Rat control because of the diseases that carry, we also do it because of the damage these rodents can cause, ending up with your business having costly expenses.

We recently had a call from a Norfolk based company because Rats were on the premises and had chewed through this fibre optic cable. Not only did this cost several hundred pounds to fix the problem, which took the company a long time to source the damage they also lost phone communication and CCTV footage.  All in all probably a few thousand pounds was the expected bill.

Wires that have been chewed by Rats

Wires that have been chewed by Rats

This could of been prevented for the sake of a few hundred pounds or so by implementing an annual pro-active pest control solution.  This company has now taken out a pest control contract but I cannot help feeling the horse had already bolted.

If this could affect your business please give us a call we will be very happy to come along and conduct a free site survey. Our Pest Control Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire technicians are ready to help.

rodent control 1

Rats and their many misdemeanours

9 Jan

Are we being hysterical about the danger of rats, can we justify a shriek of terror and a leap to safety? Well, it’s unlikely you’ll be attacked (rat flying through the air towards throat?) but for businesses, the repercussions of rat activity will certainly cause a figurative shriek… Rats do indeed carry disease and this poses a significant problem for hospitals, food factories and restaurants/takeaways. But what about that other problem… the nibbling.

Yes rats love to gnaw stuff! Businesses be warned! This can be a huge problem, resulting in damage costs as a result of ruined wires and cables. Pandemonium – a little nibble and the computer system is down – shriek!

Essentially, prevention is the best cure; don’t give rats a reason to enter your premise. Of course in a restaurant, takeaway or food factory the appropriate level of deterrence can be difficult to maintain. So, if things have got out of control (shrieking from left, right and centre…) then please, give Abate a call.

Rats and electronics do not mix, let’s try and stop the munching!

The biggest rat cull in history

30 Nov

Wow!  I have just read a very interesting article (courtesy of BBC News) about the largest rat cull that the world has ever seen.  It’s called the Habitat Restoration Project on the  Atlantic island of South Georgia.  

Rats are pushing indigenous species of birds practically to extinction and a cull began in 2011. 

The rats arrived via boats in the 18th and 20th centuries and are now being culled using helicopters criss-crossing over the islands and dropping bait from giant hoppers. Abandoned whaling ship

It is hoped that 100 million pairs of sea birds will return to the islands once the cull is complete.

Let us hope that rats don’t multiply to a similar scale in the UK otherwise we will be kept extremely busy indeed.

Whilst I remember – an early Christmas advice message.  Careful how you dispose of all your left over food during the festive period.  Mr Rat will be very happy to clear up any mess!

Scalpel please Mister Ratty – the unwanted theatre assistant

12 Nov

In recent news we have seen the snowballing effects of unwanted rodent activity; last week a rat was found scurrying around a decommissioned operating theatre at the King’s Mill Hospital in Mansfield. A total of 40 procedures had to be cancelled due to fear of spreading disease.


Not only was this a highly embarrassing incident, it also meant that patients had to wait (even longer!) for their procedures. So, this leaves me wondering – what could an incident like this do to the reputation of your business? How disruptive can it be? For hospitals, it’s clear the answer is ‘very’. For restaurateurs and pub owners the likelihood of a rat waltzing onto your premises is expectedly higher but the damages can be just as catastrophic. So what about other businesses….do we underestimate how disruptive one rat can be?

Rats and floods – a perfect match!

26 Sep

Relentless rain is back again. Our concreted country just can’t cope! It seems that Julys freak flooding has returned, bringing numerous problems with it. One of which being the overflowing drains which have pushed rats to ground level. Lots of rLittle brown ratats looking for somewhere dry and houses surrounding flood areas, although it’s hard to believe any are still intact, provide a perfect refuge.

Once a rat finds a refuge, it’s likely to stick around (for as long as it can get away with doing so) so it’s important to resolve the problem as soon as rat activity is detected by calling a reputable pest control company.

Gnawing is part of the routine for the rat and in the home, plumbing, electric cable and insulation materials are therefore all susceptible to damage; these could be the first signs of rats in your home.

The flooding is relentless and so far hundreds of homes have been evacuated with more than 300 properties being affected since the rainy weather began on Sunday. Good housekeeping is important; denying a rat access to food will discourage it from sticking around. So, keep your eyes peeled for a chewed cable and be on the lookout for an army of homeless rodents… For more information on flooding visit the BBC website for regular updates or give me a call!