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Wells-next-the-Sea views from a pest controller

16 Nov

It was early to rise last weekend when we visited Wells-next-the-Sea to install some Bird Gel on a brand new development. Couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the early morning in such a lovely part of Norfolk.

Quayside Wells-Next-The-Sea Quayside Wells-Next-The-Sea Quayside Wells-Next-The-Sea Quayside Wells-Next-The-Sea

View of Wells-next-the-sea from the top of the Granary

15 Jul

One of the most iconic and photographed buildings in Wells-Next-the-Sea is the Granary. This is one of our favorite images that we took when we recently carried out Bird Proofing on the roof of the Granary. Great views – please view our previous posts to see more images.


Bird Proofing Wells-Next-the-Sea North Norfolk

9 Jul

Last week we were at Wells-Next-The-Sea on the North Norfolk Coast to install an Avistrand pin and wire solution on the gantry of The Granary.  We used stainless steel ridge brackets specifically designed and fabricated to adjust and lock onto roof ridges.  We operate a number of Bird Proofing methods for Bird Control.

The wires are then tensioned and fixed on each pin which in turn will stop gulls and pigeons landing on the brand new re-roofed slated Gantry.

Because of the building being listed and of importance,  we had to  match the stainless steel to the colour of the ridge.  The brackets were sprayed by us  to colour match the roof.

If we can help you with any Bird Proofing please contact us http://www.abateltd.co.uk/contact/contactus